​I have worked as a Paraprofessional with a demonstrated history of working in various schools.
I actively worked as a substitute teacher in the Hopkins School District.
I am a strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Rochester.
My Skills
S & P Developers, Inc.
Consultant · July 12, 2010 to present · Rochester, New York
My duties include proactively keeping abreast of latest developments in property laws, which require that I also inspect properties.
 I develop strategy to increase value of property. I make sure the owner complies with insurance & regulator's guidelines for Rochester, New York.
I develop and maintain effective relationships with legal professionals.
Paper Artist ( Self Employed )
Fleur Avec Papier
2017 - present
   I have a passion for creating unique works of floral art using different kinds of paper. I have displayed and sold my art at the Raspberry Festival as well as Munkabeans in downtown Hopkins. I recently created an Etsy site to sell my art and created an Instagram account to display it
Media Para Specialist
Hopkins High School 
2014 - 2019

While working at the Hopkins High School Media Center, I not only learned how to skillfully use several kinds of media programs, but I also had fulfilling interpersonal relationships with incredibly bright, talented, & thoughtful students.
I witnessed and grew to appreciate all the hard work and sincere dedication all of the high school staff committed to in order to make our students succeed.  


Substitute Teacher
Hopkins School District
2011 - 2013
Because I had a substitute teaching license that allowed me to teach grades K-12, I was able to confidently lead classes and successfully teach students from lesson plans provided by their teacher. It allowed me to get well acquainted with our Hopkins students. After substitute teaching, I appreciated all the hours of hard work Hopkins public schools teachers put in when they created lesson plans to actively engage students in order for them to excel.   
The News International 
1996 - 1997
I wrote for the entertainment and fashion section. I had fun meeting and writing about people from the modeling and television industry.  



University of Rochester, NY
B.A. English Literature
1991 - 1995


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